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Jay Sobel

Former Skidmore eSports President

"As a leader, Dan is defined by his enthusiasm, energy and work ethic. He likes to set his sights on big goals, and he's an inspiration to work with. As the president of Skidmore eSports, Dan focused on creating a space for a broad community of gamers, and allowed myself and other competitive players to step into leadership roles within our sub-communities. His delegation helped the club succeed at multiple levels without overburdening any individuals."

Chris Totten

Game Designer, Digital Artist, Game Design Professor

"Dan is an extremely talented and skillful game designer and artist. He is good at organizing the details of his work and managing team projects. He works hard to create high quality work."

Annie "AnneeDroid" LeClair

Professional eSports Commnetator moonduckTV

"Dan is a really dedicated and hard-working guy. He founded our college esports club and did a great job finding other motivated individuals to step up as leaders within the club and keep it successful for years after his graduation. Dan has an amazing passion for games and he’ll put any amount of time and effort into creating a great final product."

Robert Hone

Acting Director of American University Game Lab and Studio

"Daniel has solid game design skills and an attention to detail that make him an exceptional game designer. His enthusiasm and boundless energy supports his ability to motivate a project team as its producer."

Natasha Martinez

iOS Developer at Digital infuzion

"Dan was a fantastic coworker when I worked with him at Dig-It! Games. He handled an impressive workload with never a delay. Dan adapted to our company culture quickly and seamlessly fell into a routine of keeping us on track and organized. Always friendly with an interesting game recommendation, Dan has a tendency to leave a room brighter than he found it. A hard worker and all-around fun guy. 10/10 would work with him again."

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