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Lucid is a three to four player asymmetrical social deduction experience where players must work together to solve a mystery lost to time. The gameplay revolves around Discussion and Examination phases through in-game video and model viewers. 

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Educational Testing Services 
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Function Force was used as an internal assessment tool for teaching middle school students the quadratic formula. The game’s shoot-em-up mechanics were designed demonstrate how linear functions change shape--as each equation changes, so does the slope of their laser beam.  

(Function Force was contracted by the Educational Testing Services (ETS) through American University.)


Dig-it! Games
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Excavate is an introductory level assessment game that was the foundation for the larger Excavate series. The game has a larger focus on field archaeology through dig site simulations with quizzes after each section.


The quizzes were developed with the collaboration of local Maryland and D.C. archaeologists and middle school teachers.


Dig-it! Games
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A game developed in association with Dr Hakeem Oluseyi the Chief Science Officer at the Discovery/Science Channel that has children start to question the finitude of the Earth's natural resources. 

Designed to follow STEM education, this game pits students against chemistry and critical thinking challenges to help them find a new habitable planet for the human race.

Loot Pursuit: Maya

Dig-it! Games
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Production Assistant

Loot Pursuit: Maya and its accompanying lesson plan teaches students Grades 5-7 about Mayan history and culture while also building arithmetic skills. The game’s curriculum centers around Mayan-themed word problems, as well as archaeological dig site simulations, in which students can uncover Mayan artifacts for themselves.

The game’s quizzes were developed through collaboration with local (Maryland and D.C.) archaeologists and middle school teachers.

Loot Pursuit:
Early America

Dig-it! Games
QA Tester
Production Assistant

Another installment of the Loot Pursuit series that focuses on a larger reaching audience through the lens of early American history.

The game presents multiple difficulty settings for different levels of education that affects the math and questions presented in the game's quizes. 

Production Manager

A grade school chic styled game that puts the player in the position of an NPC bartender that tries  to help local adventures find their own personal wealth and riches.

The game implements systems that utilize dialogue trees and resource management that has the player focus on keeping the bar in different quality states.


Patron is intended to be played multiple times with each playthrough lasting 20-30 minutes

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